Steve’s Priorities


Safety and Crime Reduction

I increasingly hear our residents express concerns about public safety.  I fully support our courageous police officers and we must give them the tools they need to conduct proactive community policing to fight and reduce crime by being a presence on our streets.  We also need to help our increasing homeless population gain shelter. 


Quality of Life Improvements

Meeting with City of Miami Beach Employees.

Our government should prioritize enacting policies that protect and serve the interests of our diverse resident population and assist our small business owners, including helping our residents obtain jobs in Miami Beach.  Our City can take great pride in our diverse ethnic groups, LGBT community, religious affiliations, entrepreneurship, small businesses and preservationists, all of whom make our Miami Beach a better place to live, work, and play. 

Our government should focus on issues important to our residents such as clean public areas, good roads and sidewalks, a robust economy, and better lighting.  While we are on the topic of lighting, I will make sure we have much improved festive decorative lighting during the Holiday season that is reflective of our great City. 


Transportation and Innovative Traffic Mitigation Ideas

Implement innovative transportation ideas and traffic mitigation efforts while increasing the walkability of our City.


Quality Education for our Residents

Steven Meiner – Presentation
to Military Veterans

Strong schools make Miami Beach an attractive place for families to call their home.  It is imperative that Miami Beach continue to be innovative in sustaining and increasing the excellent quality of Miami Beach schools.

Flooding and Resiliency Efforts

Our government must listen to our residents and utilize the latest innovations and technology to implement environmentally friendly, effective, and cost-efficient resiliency efforts. These resiliency efforts must include natural adaptation with ample green space, parks and trees. 


Eliminate Corruption and Government Waste and Mismanagement

The recent establishment of an Office of Inspector General is a good start, but it is only a start.  I will fight hard to implement a monetary incentive for Whistleblowers, to encourage residents to report corruption and waste and mismanagement in government and to increase and demand transparency in government.  I will also work hard to limit political favoritism by ending no-bid contract awards.