Elect Commissioner Steven Meiner
for Miami Beach Mayor

I have filed to be your next Mayor, the 39th Mayor of Miami Beach. Why run for Mayor and why now? It's all about refocusing our priorities and getting back to the basics. I will lead as I have governed, with a sense of urgency to provide safe, clean, quiet neighborhoods. All too often our focus and City resources are unnecessarily diverted. This must change. 

I am listening carefully to you our residents. Most of you tell me that you enjoy living on Miami Beach ... but it could be better. I agree. Every day I am determined to measurably improve our daily quality of life.

Although law and order and reducing crime is job number one (more details below), the fight does not stop there. I have proven to be a bold leader, and an independent voice with a strong moral and ethical compass, asking the tough questions to counter overdevelopment, easing our nightmare traffic, addressing our homeless issues in a meaningful way, providing clean streets and sidewalks, proposing resident-friendly resiliency measures to keep our streets and homes dry, reducing excessive and obnoxious noise, and earning our residents' trust by improving the transparency in our government so everyone is on a fair and level playing field.

There is so much more we can accomplish at City Hall. We need a sense of urgency. And we must prioritize City resources (time and money) for the benefit of our residents, and no one else.

Meet Steven

Many of you personally know me, my lovely wife Shanyn and our two school-aged children. I have been a practicing attorney for 26 years handling complex financial cases. Currently I am a federal Enforcement attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (16 years). Prior to the SEC, I practiced complex financial litigation for international law firms Dewey Ballantine and Mayer Brown.

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About My Campaign

I plan to run a clean campaign for Mayor similar to my campaign for Commissioner four (4) years ago. I have not hired a professional campaign consultant. Four years ago I ran an entirely positive campaign and did not say a single negative word about my opponents. My current plan is to continue with that positive formula as I believe the unrelenting negativity takes the focus away from the important issues our Mayor and Commission must address, degrades our City, and disrespects our residents.

Also unique is I am not soliciting or have an affiliation with any Political Action Committees (PAC) or Electioneering Communications Organizations (ECO). (To the contrary, I sponsored legislation this year with Mayor Gelber to tighten campaign disclosure requirements.) There is a good reason why Miami Beach prohibits campaign donations from real estate developers, lobbyists and vendors.

Legislative initiatives I am currently working on along with my signature
legislation that has already positively improved our quality of life:

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The Meiner Update

Our Veterans, Our Heroes

Foremost on my mind this Veterans Day are the brave Miami Beach Firefighters who are volunteering in Israel during a war for one simple reason, to hel ...

Thank You Miami Beach for Your Vote and Trust!

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your overwhelming support and trust in this election. ...

My First Month in Office as Mayor

My first month in office will be an all hands on deck approach, with a strong focus on public safety. ...

On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, vote for
Steven Meiner for Miami Beach Mayor

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