Elect Steven J. Meiner for
Miami Beach Commissioner

Dear Residents of Miami Beach:

I am committed to protecting and improving our hometown vibe for our residents and creating a friendly atmosphere for our small businesses.  Too often homeowners, small business owners, and residents are frustrated by our government working against their interests, and not for them.

I have been a successful practicing attorney for 20-plus years at the prestigious international law firms Dewey Ballantine and Mayer Brown and am currently a U.S. SEC Enforcement attorney.  I am a proven leader who is focused on building an even better Miami Beach.  As your Commissioner, my utilization of proven business principles, a diligent work ethic, and a passion for public service, will enable us to achieve these goals together. My dedication to helping people is ongoing and will always come with a friendly smile!

As your Miami Beach Commissioner, I will fight every day for:

  • Transparency. As a resident, you have the right to know everything your Miami Beach government is doing.  And I mean everything!
  • To be Your Voice: I will give you a voice in City Hall.  Every Day!
  • Honesty and Integrity:  As a civil law enforcement attorney for the federal government, I fight every day to protect members of the American public, including residents of Miami Beach.  I will bring this same passion and integrity to City Hall to fight for you and protect your interests.  
  • Accessibility. Have you ever tried contacting a government official but never heard back?  You have my commitment as a candidate and as your next Commissioner of Miami Beach that I or my staff will swiftly respond to your email, your text, and your phone call.  Every time, no exceptions!
  • Eliminate Waste and Mismanagement.  We must reduce government waste and mismanagement and hold those accountable for wasted government spending at taxpayer expense.  
  • Fiscal Responsibility.  Fiscal responsibility should be the hallmark of any government.  Miami Beach must balance its budget but not by consistently asking its residents and small business owners to shoulder an ever-increasing tax burden. 

I am not a career politician.  I have never held elected office or run in a political election.  I am just like you, a concerned Miami Beach resident who cherishes our Miami Beach community.  We are obligated together to sustain our Miami Beach to ensure that our children and grandchildren grow up in a safe, clean, healthy, resilient, well educated, and diverse City with ample space to live, work and play.

I am proud to call Miami Beach my home.  I believe that we live in the greatest city in America and across the world.  But we can do even better!  Let’s make Miami Beach even better, together.

And remember, a MEINER change goes a long way.

Runoff Election November 19, 2019     Vote Ballot # 152 for
Steven J. Meiner
for Miami Beach Commissioner, Group IV